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The following list will appear in the Faculty’s Annual Report. Originally collected from The Innovations Group (TIG) in the U of T Vice-President of Research portfolio, as reported to StatsCan, some additional companies have been added to ensure this list is comprehensive. If your spin-off company is missing from this list, please contact us and we will ensure it is added to this list and to the Annual Report.

Sample of Engineering Spin-off Companies
Est. Company Name Engineering Affiliation Department
2009 Chip Care Corp. J. Stewart Aitchison ECE
2008 Incise Photonics Inc.
Peter Herman ECE
2009 Peraso Technologies Inc. Sorin Voinigescu ECE
2008 Quantum Dental Technologies
Andreas Mandelis MIE
2008 Arch Power Inc. Reza Iravani ECE
2008 Ablazeon Inc.
Javad Mostaghimi MIE
2008 Simple Systems Inc. Milos Popovic, Aleksandar Prodic and Armen Baronijan IBBME, ECE
2008 AXAL Inc. Milos Popovic and Egor Sanim IBBME
2007 Viewgenie Inc. Parham Aarabi ECE
2007 Modiface Inc. Parham Aarabi ECE
2007 Neurochip Inc. Berj Bardakjian IBBME
2007 002122461 Ontario Inc. Harry Ruda MSE
2007 Inometrix Inc. Michael Galle ECE
2007 Cast Connex Corp. Jeffrey Packer and Constantin Christopoulos
2007 Elastin Specialties Kimberly Woodhouse ChemE
2006 Anviv Mechatronics Inc. (AMI)
Andrew Goldenburg MIE
2006 Hydratek and Associates Inc.
Bryan Karney and (since 2006) Fabian Papa CivE
2006 Metabacus Jianwen Zhu ECE
Vennsa Technologies Inc. Andreas Veneris and Sean Safarpour ECE
Greencore Composites Mohini Sain Forestry, ChemE

Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc. (TRT) J.E. Davies IBBME
2004 Field Metrica Inc. (FMI) Tim DeMonte, Richard Yoon IBBME
2003 1484667 Ontario Inc. Brad Saville ChemE
2003 ArchES Computing Systems Corp. Paul Chow ECE
2003 Norel Optronics Inc. Zhenghong Lu MSE
2003 Vocalage Inc. Mark Chignell MIE
2002 MatRegen Corp. Molly Shoichet IBBME, ChemE
2002 OMDEC Inc. Andrew K.S. Jardine MIE
2002 Information Intelligence Corporation (IIC) Burhan Turksen MIE
2001 Interface Biologics Inc. Paul Santerre IBBME
2001 Fox-Tek Rod Tennyson UTIAS
2001 Insception Biosciences Peter Zandstra IBBME
2000 Biox Corporation David Boocock ChemE
2000 Virtek Engineering Science Inc. Andrew Goldenburg MIE
2000 Photo-Thermal Diagnostics Inc. Andreas Mandelis MIE
2000 Simulent Inc. Javad Mostaghimi MIE
1999 Accelight Networks Inc.
Alberto Leon-Garcia and Paul Chow ECE
1999 em2 Inc. J.E. Davies IBBME
1999 Soma Networks Michael Stumm and Martin Snelgrove ECE
1999 Vivosonic Inc. Yuri Sokolov and Hans Kunov IBBME
1998 BoneTec Corp. (Now a wholly owned subsidiary of TRT) J.E. Davies and Molly Shoichet IBBME
1998 Snowbush Microelectronics Kenneth Martin and David Johns ECE
1998 1208211 Ontario Ltd. (affiliate: Regen STARR) Robert Pilliar, Rita Kandel and Marc Grynpas IBBME
1998 Right Track CAD Corp. Jonathan Rose ECE
1998 SMT HydraSil Rod Tennyson UTIAS
1998 BANAK Inc. Andrew K.S. Jardine MIE
1997 Rimon Therapeutics Michael Sefton IBBME, ChemE
1996 OANDA Corp. Michael Stumm ECE
1996 Rocscience Inc. John Curran CivE
1995 Electrobiologics Paul Madsen IBBME
1995 Tribokinetics Incorporated Raymond Woodhams ChemE
1995 Hydrogenics Corp.   MIE
1995 Amilog Systems   MIE
1994 Key Lime Co. Honghi Tran ChemE
1994 Trantek Power   ECE
1993 Electro Photonics Raymond Measures UTIAS
1993 SmartSpeaker Corp. Anees Munshi ECE
1993 SAFE Nozzle Group Honghi Tran ChemE
1993 Liquid Metal Sonics Ltd.   MSE
1992 Novator Systems Ltd. Mark Fox MIE
1992 Gao Research & Consulting Ltd. Frank Gao ECE
1992 Paul Madsen Medical Devices Hans Kunov IBBME
1992 Polyphalt Inc. Raymond Woodhams ChemE
1992 Condata Technologies Ltd.   ECE
1991 Redrock Solvers Incorporated Michael Carter MIE
1991 LinShin Canada Inc.   IBBME
1991 Advent Process Engineering Inc.   MSE
1991 Minnovex Glenn Dobby MSE
1990 Fibre Metrics Dale Hogg UTIAS
1989 Apollo Environmental Systems Corp. John Harbinson ChemE
1989 Translucent Technologies Inc. Paul Milgram MIE
1989 Xiris Automation Inc. Cameron Serles MIE
1989 Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (ITL)   UTIAS
1988 Food BioTek Corporation Leon Rubin ChemE
1988 Advanced Materials Technologies Steven Thorpe MSE
1986 EHM Rehabilitation Technology Pomeranz Salansky UTIAS
1986 LACEC Energy Systems Inc. Charles Wards MIE
1985 Electrocaps Inc. J. Smith ChemE
1985 Katosizer Industries Limited W. Snelgrove ECE
1985 El-Mar Inc.   IBBME
1985 Tibur-Howden   MSE
1984 Ergotechnics P. Foley MIE
1984 MERP Enhanced Composites Inc. Michael Piggott ChemE
1984 ABIT Systems Inc. Burham Turksen MIE
1983 Human Factors North N. Moray MIE
1982 Engineering Services Inc. (ESI) Andrew Goldenberg MIE
1982 DMER D. MacKay ChemE
1982 Owl Instruments J.W. Smith IBBME
1980 SatCon Power Systems Canada Ltd. Shashi Dewan ECE
1980 Dynacon Inc. Peter Hughes UTIAS
1980 Almax Ltd. G. Sinclair ECE
1978 Hummel Energy Systems Ltd. R.L. Hummel ChemE
1978 Aurora Scientific Inc. David James MIE
1976 Kings Engineering Associates Ltd. Iain Currie MIE
1976 Hooper & Angus Consulting Engineers F.C. Hooper MIE
1975 General Comminution Inc. Olev Trass ChemE
1974 MDS Sciex - Division of MDS Inc. B. French UTIAS
1974 Envirogetics F. Hooper MIE
1974 Tibur Metals Inc.   MSE
1973 Hooper & Hix, Engineers and Architects F.C. Hooper MIE
1970 Eco-Tec Limited R. Hunter ChemE
1968 Vibron D. Allen MIE
1968 Electrical Engineering Consolidated Ltd. K.C. Smith ECE
1966 Aercol   UTIAS
1964 Chemical Engineering Research Consultants David Boocock ChemE
1960 Integral Apparatus Ltd. F.C. Hooper MIE
1951 Sinclair Technologies Inc. G. Sinclair ECE


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