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MITACS is a national research network that connects academia, industry and the public sector
to develop cutting-edge tools to support the growth of Canada's knowledge-based economy.

Funding from MITACS comes from both the federal and provincial governments. Industry
Canada, through the Networks of Centres of Excellence program, funds MITACS to connect
university-based mathematical sciences researcher with businesses – small, medium or large
enterprises – as well as government and not-for-profits which could benefit from quantitative

Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and
Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as the Government of Canada, partner with MITACS to
deliver the ACCELERATE internship program, the Canada's premiere graduate training initiative.

Key Focus Areas:

MITACS ACCELERATE: A national, cross-disciplinary graduate internship program which
supports short-term research projects involving a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow, a
professor and a Canadian company. With the $15K cost shared equally between the partner
company and MITACS, the program is affordable and enables companies to easily tap into the
latest research developments, leverage their R&D budgets and connect with potential
employees. MITACS ACCELERATE is funded by the provincial and federal governments in
Canada. For more information, visit

RESEARCH PROJECTS: MITACS, through the NCE program, supports collaborative research
projects which link partner organizations (businesses, government and not-for-profits) with
Canada's university-based mathematical scientists. These large-scale, multi-year, national
projects focus on five key sectors of the Canadian economy, including Biomedical & Health,
Environment & Natural Resources, Information Processing, Risk & Finance and Communication,
Networks & Security.

GLOBALlNK: Forges research links with India by bringing undergraduate students to Canada for
university-based research internships.

TRAINING: Targeted at Canada's graduate students, this program further develops their
competencies technical skills as well as project management, communication and
entrepreneurship, skills essential in navigating today's complex business environment.

MATH OUTREACH: MITACS is developing comprehensive, national mathematics outreach
programs aimed at showing students from K to 12 that that math is fun and integral to our
everyday lives. Math en leu and Show Math are two examples of successful outreach
programs that are having an impact on how students see math impacting their daily lives.

For more information, visit or call 604-822-3982.

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