New Administrative Appointments
A warm welcome to all new administrative staff who joined us over the summer!

Carole Baxter, Research Microbiologist (CIV) Lorin Jung, Manager, Finance and Administration (CIV)
Marina Blumin, Research Associate (MSE)

Lindsay Mason, Information Services Assistant (ECE)
Alex Boissonneau-Lehner, Undergraduate Assistant (MIE) Myrtle Millares, First Year Assistant, First Year Office, Office of the Registrar
Gordon Boudreau, Craftsperson (MIE) Stefan Myrskog, Research Associate (ECE)
Pamela Brittan, K-12 Curriculum Specialist

Nicholas Robinson, Student Records Assessor, Office of the Registrar

Fred Gebeshuber, Craftsperson (MIE) Ayoola Scott, HR Assistant
Judy Gilligan, Advancement Assistant, Office of Advancement Emma Scully, HR Generalist
Susan Iwasaki, Coordinator, Student Recruitment and Development Anna Vanek, Director, Administration and Finance (MIE)

The Engineering Newsletter has begun collecting our new staff profiles.  We will be including more in the next two Engineering Newsletters:

Alex Boissonneau-Lehner, Undergraduate Assistant (MIE)

Alex B.Under the direction of the Undergraduate Chair, Associate Chair, and the Undergraduate Counsellor of MIE, Alex Boissonneau-Lehner will answer student inquiries about the program and curriculum, assist in course coordination, and coordinate with MIE faculty regarding undergraduate matters.

Alex recently completed an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the University of Toronto, where he also worked as a front-line staff member in the Registrar’s Office in St. Michael’s College.

Gordon Boudreau, Craftsperson (MIE)

For the past 13 years, Gordon Boudreau worked as a CNC Programmer/Machinist for Cinram International, which is North America’s largest manufacturer of multimedia products (e.g. DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, etc.).

In his new position as Craftsperson, Gordon will work in the MIE Machine Shop where he will be involved in fabricating various devices and components using CNC and conventional machining methods.

Fred Gebeshuber, Craftsperson (MIE)

As a Craftsperson working in the MIE Machine Shop, Fred Gebeshuber will work as a machinist. Fred’s past experience is in plastic injection moulding and design and programming for CNC machines.

Myrtle Millares, First Year Assistant, First Year
Office of the Registrar

Myrtle Millares is the first person staff and students meet when they go into the First Year Office, which is located inside the Office of the Registrar. In her new position, Myrtle welcomes newly admitted students and helps answer any questions they have as they begin their careers in Engineering at U of T.

In addition to responding to inquiries and helping first-year students transition into university life, Myrtle also helps clarify procedures and regulations, refers students to the First Year Counsellor and/or to other on-campus resources, as needed. Before joining the Faculty, Myrtle worked as the Assistant to the Dean, Student Life, at Innis College.


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