The 2009-2010 Engineering Society Leadership Team

The Engineering Society Officers are the executive branch of the student government. Their main duty is to manage the day-to-day operation of the Society, oversee and coordinate the Directors, and establish the direction of the Society. They are elected in a general election late in the winter term and are sworn in just before exams. The 2009-2010 elections took place March 17-20.

Congratulations to the new members of the Engineering Society!

Jimmy Lu | President

The President is responsible for the smooth operation of the Society. This can include a wide range of work including representing the society to different groups on campus, drafting and negotiation of contracts, dealing with legal issues, and of course, working with the officers and directors of the society. The President represents the society, the officers, and the directors in many different forums with the Faculty, the alumni, SAC, industry, and much more. There are a number of committees and boards that the President participates in, but this may change from year to year. This includes the Engineering Alumni Council, Engineering Society Council, Faculty Executive Committee, Student/Faculty Committee, Ombuds Committeee, SAC board of directors (non-voting member), and is an ex-officio member of any Engineering society standing committees. The President’s portfolio is comprised of the officers of the society, the business manager, and most of the ex-officio directors.

"...There’s probably at least one thing in all of school and Skule™ that you can be inspired by. We’re a faculty 4000-strong, we’ve got dozens of clubs, deep pockets (recession pending), limitless academic and professional resources. My primary goal for next year will be to capitalize on the potential of each and every student, the potential that got you admission into Canada’s top university in the first place."

David Cheung | VP Academic

The VP Academic is responsible for the academic side of student life. Like most officers, he has an open door policy and is knowledgeable in advocacy issues regarding the Society and its constituents. He deals with the Faculty on issues such as Engineering minors, TA accountability, and petitioning. He is also in charge of all academic services offered by the society, such as

"As the Hi-Skule™ Liaison of 0T8-0T9, I dedicated my second year to
making sure future engineers know how awesome and spirited Skule is. This wasn't all cheesecake and cotton candy! It took sweat, long nights and teeth gritting determination, all of which I'll pore into my role as VP Academic."




Amanda Bell | VP Communications

The VP Communications is responsible for communication matters within the society - this includes sending out mass-mail, and overseeing both the website and the society’s four publications (Toike Oike, Cannon, F!rosh Handbook, and Skulebook). The VP Communications also maintains documentation essential to the Engineering Society, such as its constitution and meeting minutes. In addition, The VP Communications organizes the monthly council meetings, as well as the annual general meeting. Last, and certainly not least, the VP Communications is a member of the Executive, and as such participates with the President and the other VPs in fashioning and implementing Engineering Society initiatives. The VP Communications’ portfolio of directors are all linked to the Society’s communication media.


"I have never felt as comfortable as I do as a University of Toronto Engineer, and the comradery and community inherent in Skule™ life has fuelled my desire to give back to Eng Soc.
I want to be a policy changer ..."

Abhishek Mathur | VP External

The VP External is responsible for keeping ties with groups outside the Engineering Society. The position serves as a single point of contact for other groups within the University and from across Canada to liaise with our students. The VP External organizes and leads Eng Soc's delegations to major conferences held by ESSCO (for Ontario schools) and the CFES (for all Canadian schools). Knowledge gained at these conferences can then be brought back and put to work at University of Toronto.

"These calves will be built up by running across Ontario, to different Engineering campuses, taking all your concerns to a higher level, making sure that our Engineering Society is the awesome-est. I will be THE man, who will see what works the best for the other campuses, give it a little bit of our Skule™ twist and VOILA! Action packed, filled with total awesomeness Skule™ Year!"

Kyle Dupont | VP Finance

The VP Finance is the Chief Financial Officer of the Society and is responsible for the preparation of operating budgets for approval by the Engineering Society’s members and must keep accounting records with respect to all financial and like transactions of the Society. The VP Finance's responsibility is to ensure that student funds are spent in an appropriate manner, satisfactory to its constituents.

"As you most certainly know, the Canadian economy is in crisis ... I am ready to devote resources to ensure that our clubs and events will have the necessary funding to be able to operate effectively and provide the SKULE™ experience we all enjoy... I will strive to ensure that the average student can easily understand Society finance."


Wayne Lin | VP Student Life  

The responsibility of the VP Student Life is to ensure that spirits are maintained outside of the classroom. The VP Student Life organizes a wide range of events throughout the year including Orientation, two Freedoms, and Godiva Week. If you want to start your own club or hold your own event, VP Student Life will be glad to help you out.

"Vice-President Student Life Bylaws: 5.0.1 The Vice-President Student Life shall be responsible for recognizing Affiliated clubs, and dealing with student issues pertaining to the membership."




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