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EngSci in the Arctic
By Lisa Romkey

Lisa RomkeyAs an educator, I seek opportunities to broaden my understanding of students and learning. When the opportunity to teach in Iqaliut presented itself this past summer, it was one I could not refuse.

In July 2007, I headed north for one week with a team of phenomenal instructors to deliver science and engineering camps to youth, ages 8-12. The trip was part of a large Aboriginal outreach program run by Actua, a national non-profit organization, which supports university and community-based science outreach programs across Canada. Through the week, we explored themes like health, the environment and outer space, using activities such as creating toothpaste, geocaching and spacesuit design!

I have always had a fascination with Canada’s North and the trip did not Lisa Romkey disappoint. The vastness and beauty of the Northern landscape, the strength of community spirit and the curiosity and excitement of the youth immensely impressed me. I jumped at this opportunity to broaden my own understanding and learn about a different—and very significant—part of our country.

I hope to return to Iqaliut next year and continue to pursue opportunities that I can share with EngSci students and help them become “Engineers for the World”.




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