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Volume 1 // Issue 1 // November 22, 2007::::

Welcome to the Engineering Newsletter, a twice-monthly summary of key headlines, events and opportunities for faculty and staff in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. If you have questions or comments, please contact us: couture@ecf.utoronto.ca.

In This Issue: Dean's Message // News & Announcements // Feedback Requested // New Faces in the Faculty //Governance // Honours & Awards // Research Update // Events // Skule Stories // Spotlight // In the News

Dean's Message

I am delighted to introduce the first issue of our new internal Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Newsletter at the University of Toronto.

In the past year, I have met with a number of academic and administrative staff, soliciting feedback on ways to strengthen our Faculty. One particular theme that remains consistent is the need for better communication within our Faculty ... (read more)

News & Announcements

U of T Engineering Ranked No. 1 in Canada in Times Higher Education Supplement
The University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering was recently ranked No. 1 in Canada and No. 11 overall of the World’s Top 50 Universities for Technology by the London Times’ 2007 Higher Education Supplement ... (read more)

Division of Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems
As of July 1, 2007, the Division of Environmental Engineering became the Division of Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems ... (read more)

Dr. Pierre Lassonde Teaches New Entrepreneurship and Mining Course
Fall 2007 marks the pilot of a new and innovative course in Civil Engineering and the Lassonde Institute. Dr. Pierre Lassonde, entrepreneur, former President of Newmont Mining Corporation and Chairman of the World Gold Council, recently taught a course on Entrepreneurship and Mining.

Frey with studentsEngineering Gains 3 Canada Research Chairs
U of T Engineering received three Canada Research Chairs. Congratulations to:
Timothy Barfoot — UTIAS — Chair in Autonomous Space Robotics; Brendan Frey — The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering — Chair in Information Processing and Machine Learning; Olivera Kesler — Mechanical and Industrial Engineering — Chair of Fuel Cell Materials and Manufacturing.
(read more )

Feedback Requested
An Exciting New Energy Systems Option for Engineering Science: Feedback Requested
Energy serves modern society in a myriad of ways. Though often going largely unnoticed and unregarded, energy performs an unbelievable number of roles that facilitate human, economic and ecosystem health, with specific tasks ranging from its use in industrial production, municipal services and resource development ... (read more)
New Faces in the Faculty

Welcome New Faculty


Yu-Ling Cheng
Acclaimed Faculty Council Speaker for 2007-2008

Following a recent Call for Nominations, Yu-Ling, a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, and former Chair of Engineering Science, has been acclaimed as the Speaker for the Faculty Council, the highest intra-Faculty legislative and judicial authority ... (read more)

Upcoming Faculty Council Dates for 2007-2008

  • Wednesday, November 28, 2007
  • Monday, February 25, 2007
  • Wednesday, May 28, 2007

Visit the Faculty Council web space for more information.

Honours & Awards

Stepping Up Awards 2007
Individuals: Steve Martin for Enabled teaching and learning; Groups: Alina Balosin and Sean Suleman for Portrayed U of T as an employer of choice and contributed to employee development; Danielle Couture, Khuong Doan, Sergei Metropolitansky, Dan Pettigrew and Alex Tichine for Student Portal Catherine Gagne and Jean Robertson for Enabled staff and faculty support and portrayed the University as an employer of choice.

Engineering Researchers Elected AAAS Fellows
Two Engineering Professors were named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an honour bestowed upon them by peer members of AAAS. Congratulations to Jean Zu, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Peter Zandstra, Institute of Biomedical and Biomaterials Engineering … (read more).

Research Update

New Federal Science and Technology Strategy
In May, the Government of Canada released its Science and Technology strategy: “Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada’s Advantage”. The document, along with a 10-page executive summary can be found at: www.ic.gc.ca/epublications . Some key points of interest are ... (read more).

Research Opportunities
The Canada Fund for Innovations will be calling for proposals in January 2008. The timeline for applications is... (read more).

Recent Research Awards
We would like to congratulate the following 12 colleagues who were awarded Early Researcher Awards over the summer ... (read more).


Nov 22 - Skule Music Concert

Nov 26 - Calgary Skule Alumni Fall Mixer

Nov 28 - Faculty Council

Nov 28 - Skule Mentorship Program - Career Night / Networking

We only post 5 events in the Newsletter. Go to the Faculty's Events Calendar for all of our events.

Skule Stories

Engineering Jacket of Dan Pettigrew, EngSci 9T3, and Currently Associate Registrar, Director of Administrative Information Systems

Dan purchased his jacket during his first year in the Faculty of AppliedScience and Engineering in 1988 and dans jacket imagecontinues to show his Skule TM spirit by wearing the jacket to work in the Office of the Registrar. One time during Dan’s undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, he slipped on the Union Station subway platform and his leg went through the divide between the stopped train and the platform. Just before the train was about to leave, a quick-thinking friend, and fellow Engineering Science student, grabbed Dan by his engineering jacket and lifted him free of danger, thereby proving that Skule TM spirit is both fashionable and functional.


photo of Clifford TingSpotlight on: Clifford Ting (ECE 0T7) Winner of the 2007 Governor General Silver Medal

As a child, one of Clifford Ting’s favorite books was The Way Things Work by David Macaulay. “It had many detailed illustrations of various machines from simple pulleys and levers to telecommunication systems…In some way, this natural curiousity [led] me to study science in public school, and, eventually, applied science…in university.” (read more)

In the News

Selected Faculty-related news items from the past several weeks:

Which is Mightier, the Pencil or the Cellphone?
Prof. Susan McCahan, In the News

MIE Professor Susan McCahan, Chair of First Year, was featured in the Toronto Star article, “Which is Mightier, the Pencil or the Cellphone? U of T prof favours old-fashioned note-taking, bans camera phone shots of overheads, blackboards”. Read the full article online .

An Early Example of Nanotechnology’s Convergence With Other Technologies - Prof. Warren Chan, In the News
IBBME Professor Warren Chan was published in Nanowerk. Read the article , “An early example of nanotechnology’s convergence with other technologies”, online.