Honours and Awards

MIE Teaching Awards Announced

The Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering announced the recipients of their annual teaching awards for 2008, selected by undergraduate students.

Professor Greg Jamieson received the 2008 MIE Teaching Excellence Award in recognition of his teaching achievements and appreciation from students. Professor Jamieson co-directs the Cognitive Engineering Laboratory, where he is currently leading a research program in designing information technology to encourage sustainable behaviour.

The 2008 MIE Early Career Teaching Award was given to Professor Hani Naguib in recognition of his excellence in teaching and support to students. Professor Naguib is also the recipient of the 2008 Early Career Teaching Award from the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

A Tier II Canada Research Chair in Smart and Functional Polymers, Professor Naguib leads the Smart and Adaptive Polymers Lab where he researches the development of new polymers and composites that have the ability to adapt to any environmental stimuli. These polymers can be used in a wide range of applications such as tissue engineering, sensors and actuators, drug delivery systems, filters and coatings.

Both professors will receive a teaching award plaque, which will be unveiled later this year.


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