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Student Leadership

Industry and peer institutions around the world value and seek out our students’ exceptional technical strengths and analytical capabilities. U of T Engineering students further distinguish themselves with their creativity and innovative spirit. They pursue roles that make impactful contributions at local, national and global levels. They are our future engineering leaders – and the future is promising.

Whether they volunteer to help Toronto’s homeless, participate in student government, gain international experience through Engineers Without Borders (EWB) or share their musical talents, this new generation of engineers envisions the future on all fronts and applies creativity and sound technical skills to shape our future.

We take great pride in the achievements of our student leaders, who generously share their time and talents to build a better world.

To all the upcoming graduates, congratulations on four or more years of hard work and accomplishment. We wish you continued success in your future paths and look forward to hearing from you. To our returning students, may your summers be restful and productive. The Engineering Student e-News returns in August for another academic year.


April/May 2010

Volume 1, Issue 8
In this issue:

Dates and Deadlines
Student Services
Campus Life
In the News
Your Faculty


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Important Dates and Deadlines

May 18

Marks become official

May 24  

Victoria Day: University closed

May 30  

Application deadline for transfer between Engineering programs


Student Services


Student Services at the Office of the Registrar for Winter 2010 Final Exams

Final Exams may be winding down, but student services are just gearing up

Student Club Funding

Alumni and friends of Engineering support Skule™ Fund for Education; your student club may be eligible for a grant. Check out the funding eligibility requirements and apply before Friday, May 14

Lectures begin Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Returning students: Mark your calendars for the start of the next academic year


Campus Life


Advisory Search Committee Appointed

Committee welcomes comments and nominations by May 10

Engineering Science Fields Team at CS Games

Kai van Es (EngSci 1T3) reflects on team's first foray in prestigious computer science competition

Engineering Change with Engineers Without Borders

Amir Allana (EngSci 1T2) and Amanda Giang (EngSci 1T1) are heading to Africa this summer

National Engineering Month

National celebration of engineering inspires new generation with events like Designapalooza

Faculty Panel Tackles Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Engineering

Women graduate students learn about gender parity history, hear personal insights and consider future engineering education

EngSci Student Receives Prestigious Scholarship

Evelyn Mukwedeya (EngSci 1T0+PEY) awarded $5,000 CEMF Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship in recognition for accomplishments

Create an Action Plan with the Career Centre  

The Career Centre provides services to U of T graduates for up to two years following convocation. The Recent Graduates Employment Service (RGES), new graduates can access an extensive database of full-time employment listings. Additionally, the Career Centre helps students create a personalized action plan which includes career planning, creating powerful résumés and cover letters, interview preparation and preparation for graduate school


In the News


Annual EngSci Praxis Showcase Draws Crowds

Students present urban design solutions in response to some of Toronto’s most pressing questions, including electric cars; wind turbines; bike boxes; PATH system Star; PATH system Post

Auto Industry Helps Retool Health Care

Michael Carter (MIE) considers assembly lines for inspiration on health care reform

Study by U of T Prof Supports Green Move

Heather Maclean's (CivE) findings that biomass dramatically reduce greenhouse emissions help Ontario Power Utility move away from coal

UTIAS Engineers Honoured for Role in Apollo 13 Rescue

Canadian Air and Space Museum presents Pioneer Award to 1970 UTIAS team for vital assistance in command module landing. Related articles: CBC; CTV; Cnews; Toronto Sun; Metro News Ottawa; Canada East; Yahoo News; CP24; GoogleNews

Sewage Rules to get Clean Up

Ron Hofmann (CivE) welcomes new regulations to sewage treatment plants

PhD Candidate Unsuspecting Entrepreneur, Software gone Viral

Vincent Cheung (ECE) finds success as entrepreneur when photo collage program becomes sensation

Edge Features Green Research at U of T

Engineers highlighted for research initiatives in environmental engineering, sustainability


Your Faculty


Subscribe to U of T Engineering on YouTube

Watch videos on Engineering's very own channel

ECE Professor Brings Resounding Technology to Church; Andantephone in Action

Steve Mann (ECE) prepares to perform concert in St. Andrew's church with musical invention

U of T announces Funding for Industrial Research Chair

R. Doug Hooton (CivE) appointed NSERC/CAC Industrial Research Chair in Concrete Durability and Sustainability

Eight Engineering staff members receive awards

Eight staff members receive awards for their outstanding contributions to the Faculty

Two professors honoured for excellence in teaching

Ali Sheikholeslami (ECE) and Glenn Hibbard (MSE) received teaching awards from the Faculty for their outstanding teaching contributions


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