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Getting Back in the Skule™ Spirit

A warm welcome to all First Years, and welcome back to our returning students. The 2010-2011 academic year promises to be the best ever, with a new Engineering Science Major in Engineering Mathematics, Statistics and Finance, a new ethics course for First Years, expanded student exchange opportunities and much more. The Engineering Student e-News will be bringing you news and updates from student services, our Faculty and around University of Toronto.

In this month's Student e-News, pick up your OSAP, join the Engineering Society's CIBC Run for the Cure team, become a volunteer note-taker, add an elective before the deadline and get your discounted TTC Metropass.


September 2010

Volume 2, Issue 1
In this issue:

Dates and Deadlines
Student Services
Money Matters
Campus Life
In the News
Your Faculty


Important Dates and Deadlines

Sept. 13, 2010  

Arts & Science lectures begin

Sept. 20, 2010  

Students who have not paid or deferred fees and are not registered will be removed from courses

Sept. 26, 2010  

Last day for students to add or substitute any Fall Session (F) or Full Year (Y) Engineering or Arts & Science courses


Student Services


New TTC Post-Secondary Metropasses Now Available

The University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) has instructions on how to register for discounted TTC passes. GO Transit discount forms can be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, Galbraith Building, room 157.

Record Your Absences on ROSI

U of T has added a new requirement for seeking accomodation due to absences and missed term work.

RESP Forms

If you still need an RESP or Scholarship Fund form filled out by the Office of the Registrar for the 2010-2011 academic year, visit GB 157. Kindly include your student number on all forms.

Follow-up from Previous Sessions

  • The Dean’s Honours list for the Winter 2010 academic session is now posted in the lobby of the Galbraith Building
  • You can still order final exam copies and final mark re-checks for Winter and Summer 2010 courses until October 15 through the Engineering Portal


During your first couple of weeks on campus, you may notice staff and faculty wearing badges that say "ASKme" — these ambassadors are happy to help if you get lost or have any questions about the University.

Opting Out of the UTSU Health Plan

You may opt-out of the health portion of the University of Toronto Student Union’s health plan and receive a refund of fees if you are covered by another comparable plan. For more information, see UTSU’s website.

Office of the University Ombudsperson

The University Ombudsperson offers confidential and impartial advice and assistance on university-related problems to students, faculty, and staff on all three campuses. Visit the office's website or add the Ombudsperson module to your Blackboard portal page.

Do You Have Aboriginal Ancestry?

First Nations House provides a wide range of services and programs including scholarships, financial aid, events and academic and cultural supports. First Nations House is a "home away from home" for many Aboriginal students, where you can eat, talk to an Elder, study, visit the library, learn about your culture, relax and socialize.

Mining Building Under Renovation

Be mindful of the construction taking place at the Mining Building (MB) this fall and avoid the West entrance. Stay alert and safe on campus!

How Can the Office of the Registrar Help?

  • Advice on rules and regulations
  • Accepting petitions and supporting documents
  • Filling out forms for students (RESPs, Schedule 2)
  • Preparing letters of registration
  • Answering questions about enrolment and registration
  • Providing guidance on student budgeting and financial aid

For more information see the Office of the Registrar


Money Matters


OSAP Distribution

OSAP distribution will begin on Tuesday, September 7. As OSAP documents arrive, you will be notified by email at the address listed on ROSI.

You will be instructed by email where to pick-up your loan documents. Representatives from the National Student Loan Service Centre will be available to process student loans. You must bring your Social Insurance Card (SIN) and a valid government-issued photo ID. Please also bring a void cheque or your banking information if you would like to have your loan deposited directly into your bank account. Please note: loan documents will not be released without a valid government-issued photo ID and SIN card.

Faculty Grants

The Faculty has grants available for students who have exhausted all other sources of funding and still find themselves in financial difficulty. An email will be sent to all undergraduates in the Faculty by the end of September with details on how to apply.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship and Award recipients: the funds will be deposited into your student account on ROSI before November 15, provided you are registered. If you have any questions about your scholarship, contact or drop by GB 153.

The Online Engineering Portfolio

Record your extra-curricular activities and store your resume in your ePortfolio. The Scholarships Committee considers this information in the ePortfolio to assist them when selecting recipients for awards. Leadership qualities are also used to consider potential candidates for awards outside of the Faculty. It's important to keep your ePortfolio up-to-date.

Campus Life


The Engineering Society Launches New Site for Store

Run by the Engineering Society, the store sells textbooks and official Engineering Society apparel and merchandise. Visit the new Store site to shop online or in person at the atrium of Sandford Fleming, hours are 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. weekdays.

EngSci Student Receives William Peyton Hubbard Memorial Award

Evelyn Mukwedeya (EngSci, 1T0+PEY) recognized for leadership, awarded a work term with Hydro One

Better Health for Better Grades

Your good health is one of the most important resources you have as you work to achieve your academic and personal goals. Student Health 101 is U of T's new health and wellness magazine, where you will find all kinds of information and tips about how to stay healthy throughout the year.

CIBC Run for the Cure: University Challenge

U of T pride will be on the line October 3 as the university hosts the annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure for the first time at the St. George and Mississauga campuses. The Engineering Society is hosting a team called "Skule" and invites you to join.

Volunteer Note-takers Needed

Accessibility Services needs dependable volunteer note-takers to help students living with a disability achieve academic success. There is no extra work required and it is easy to register and submit notes online. Being a volunteer helps you take better notes and all volunteers are eligible to receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Please check Blackboard and listen for class announcements to see if a volunteer note-taker is needed in your course.

In the News


ARWU Ranks U of T Engineering First Again in Canada, 19th in World

U of T only Canadian school to place in top 50 in 2010 in Engineering

Toronto Filmmaker Strives to Perfect Prosthetic Eye Camera

Filmmaker Rob Spence to build on Professor Steve Mann’s (ECE) research

Paralyzed Computer Engineer Helps Develop Technology for Children with Disabilities

Illness of Eric Wan (ECE, 1T0) inspires the creation of Virtual Music Instrument

Improved Wing Design Inspired by Bird World

Professor Shaker Meguid (MIE) heads morphed-wing research program

An Affordable Alternative for Solar Cell Design

Ted Sargent (ECE) leads way for inexpensive development of solar photovoltaic cells using nickel


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Your Faculty


U of T Spinoff Company Inks Third Agreement

Interface Biologics, founded by Professor Paul Santerre, Director of IBBME, develops technology for dialysis circuits used for treatment of chronic kidney disease patients

Professor Jeffrey Packer (CivE) Receives 2010 H.A. Krentz Award 

Research investigates welded hollow structural section connections

Banner photo credit: Tony Chen


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