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Volume 2 // Issue 1 // September 3, 2008::::
In This Issue: Message from Dean, Cristina Amon // Using Twitter to Share Our Stories // What's New? // Honours and Awards // Research Update // Events // New Academic Appointments // In the News // Newsletter Archives //
Message from Dean, Cristina Amon

Welcome to the 2008-2009 academic year! Each new year affords us the opportunity to grow and expand upon our 135-year history of achievements; this year we welcome 14 new faculty, 453 new graduate students, and 1202 first-year students to our thriving Engineering community.
The incoming Engineering Class of 2012 is the most diverse in our Faculty’s history. Our first-year students bring the world to our campus: they come from all 10 Canadian provinces, 45 countries, and every continent. In the coming years, they will not only learn strong Engineering fundamentals from our world-class professors, but they will also have the opportunity to learn from one another to become global Engineers.

Our proactive recruitment of high-caliber faculty strengthens our initiatives and core competencies. Our new faculty members, who have earned doctoral degrees from leading universities across the globe, are deeply committed to Engineering education and bring expertise in leading-edge research that ranges from alternative energy, fuel cells, and communication security to intracellular signaling and biomechatronics.
Our commitment to diversity is based on our belief that it enriches curricula, stimulates intellectual discourse both within and beyond the academic setting, and is therefore inextricably linked to Engineering excellence.

The growing diversity of our Faculty is our strength, and the women and men of Engineering at U of T are our greatest resource. Collectively, our rich cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences bring us closer to our goal of becoming a truly inclusive and global community.

I feel energized by the progress we made in the past academic year and am looking forward to the outcomes of the exciting initiatives we are undertaking.

Best wishes for a rewarding year!

What's New?

Stephen Lewis Overture Lecture for Engineering at Con Hall
On Sept. 4, Stephen Lewis will be lecturing at Convocation Hall. In 2001, Lewis was appointed Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa by the UN Secretary-General. Before stepping into this position, Lewis served as Deputy Exective Director of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from 1995-1999. All Engineering staff, faculty, alumni, and students are welcome to attend this lecture. Seating will be based on a first-come first-served basis .... (more)

World Leader in Stem Cell Research Appointed New Director of Bioengineering Minor
Professor Peter Zandstra (IBBME), recent McLean Award winner and AAAS Fellow, assumed the role of Director of the Bioengineering Minor on Sept. 1, 2008 .... (more)

NSERC Discovery Accelerators Supplements Awarded
Professors Hans-Arno Jacobsen (ECE), Olivera Kesler (MIE), and Jean Zu (MIE) were awarded NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplements to accelerate the progress of their outstanding research programs .... (more)

Engineering Faculty Working on Better Biofuel
"As is true for all of us here in researching renewable fuel, the mission of biofuels research is also to increase environmental, political and economic security for all of us and for future generations," said Professor Emma Master (CHEM) at the first Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Energy Research Showcase earlier this summer .... (more)

New programs for first-year international students
The Faculty is offering two new programs for first year international students: The Coaching Program and The Mentorship Program.

The Coaching Program matches a faculty or staff member with a first-year international student to foster a professional relationship with a focus on connecting the student to the wider Engineering community and setting effective and achievable goals. If you’re interested in becoming a coach or would like more information, please contact: coach@ecf.utoronto.ca.

The Mentorship Program will match upper-year students with first-year international students to foster a peer relationship with a focus on helping international students adjust more rapidly to their new environments and to become more closely integrated into their student community. For more information, please contact: mentor@ecf.utoronto.ca.

Using Twitter to Share our Stories in 140 Characters or Less
This summer, we began using Twitter — a micro-blogging online networking tool — to connect with the general public and our contacts in the media to provide greater awareness of the great accomplishments of our Engineering community. Follow Engineering at U of T on Twitter: http://twitter.com/uoftengineering.

Honours and Awards

MIT's Technology Review Names Milica Radisic Top Young Innovator Under 35
In recognition of her research in regenerative medicine that one day may cure heart disease, Professor Milica Radisic (CHEM, IBBME), was named to the prestigious Top Young Innovators Under 35 list .... (more)

Peter Zandstra Receives McLean Award
Professor Peter Zandstra (IBBME), a world leader in the field of stem cell Engineering, has received the University of Toronto's prestigious award for early-career researchers, the McLean Award .... (more)

University Recognizes Five Alumni With Arbor Awards
The Arbor Award, established by U of T in 1989, acknowledges alumni volunteers for outstanding personal service to the University. Caprice Boisvert (MECH 9T3), David Fenwick (EngBus 5T3), Murray Metcalfe (IND 7T7), William Troost (CHEM 6T7), and Bert Wasmund (CHEM 6T6) .... (more)


Sept. 3 - Fun with Faculty
Sept. 4 - Engineering Lectures Begin
Sept. 4 - Stephen Lewis Lecture
Sept. 13 - 4th Annual Survey Camp Reunion
Sept. 15 - Arbor Awards Ceremony
Sept. 29 - One-millionth Book Celebration

Please visit: Faculty's Events Calendar for all of our events.

New Academic Appointments

Welcome New Faculty

In the News

Incinerator Bid Sought in Durham
Professor Phil Byer (CIV) speaks about Durham Region's controversial debate over garbage.
Toronto Star .... (more)

'Invisibility' Technology May Help View Tiny Objects
Professor George Eleftheriades (ECE) provides expert commentary on new technology that could someday make Harry Potter's invisibility cloak a reality.
CTV News
.... (more)

Toronto's Propane Plant Explosion
Professor Emeritus Olev Trass
(CHEM) a combustion and explosives expert, provides comment regarding Toronto's propane disaster.
Toronto Star .... (more)

CTV News .... (more)
Guelph Mercury ....

Engineering Students Aim to Make Flight History
A group of ten U of T Engineering students attempted to make aviation history in August.

Alliston Herald .... (more)

What More Will it Take to Clean Up Beijing?
Professor Charles Jia (CHEM)
comments on the weather factors that could be contributing to Beijing's air quality woes.
Globe and Mail .... (more)

Good Governance Essential for Regional Transit
Professor Emeritus Richard Soberman (CIV)
speaks about regional transit issues for the GTA and Hamilton areas.
Toronto Star .... (more)

Get Set - The Future Starts Now
Recently appointed Director of the new Cities Centre, Professor Eric Miller (CIV) talks to the Toronto Star about the urban nature of the 21st century.
Toronto Star
.... (more)

More Challenges to Material Science in the Future
Professor Mohini Sain (CHEM) speaks at an international conference on materials, processing and characterization, speaks about the need for making more efforts to improve metals and meet rising challenges to material science in the future.
The Hindu .... (more)

Newsletter Archives

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The Engineering Newsletter is a twice-monthly summary of key headlines, events and opportunities for faculty and staff in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. If you have questions or comments, please contact us: couture@ecf.utoronto.ca.

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