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Seasons Greetings

In this month's Engineering Student e-News, we close the Fall session with the final exam schedule and room locations. After exams, we hope you enjoy a well-deserved break and return refreshed for Winter session. 

Discover the Faculty Registrar's vision for student services, visit the new home of the First Year Office, prepare for Course and Option selection and consider running as a Permanent Class Leader or for a seat on Governing Council.


December 2009

Volume 1, Issue 4
In this issue:

Dates & Deadlines
Student Services
Money Matters
Student Life
In the News
Your Faculty


Important Dates and Deadlines


Dec. 10-18


Engineering Fall Session examination period

Jan. 4

  Lectures begin in S courses and resume in Y session courses for Engineering and Arts & Science

Jan. 10

  Last day to enrol in S courses in Arts & Science (including some Engineering Technical Electives offered by Arts & Science) on ROSI

Jan. 15

  Exceptional enrolment ends for S Arts & Science courses

Jan. 17

  Last day for students to add or substitute S Engineering courses

Student Services


10 Questions with Faculty Registrar

Barbara McCann has led the Faculty's Office of the Registrar for the past 25 years. Read about her vision and strategy and how services have changed since she started

Final examination schedule with room locations

The final examination schedule with room locations and alpha-splits is now posted on the undergraduate website. This schedule is also posted on the bulletin board across from the Office of the Registrar in GB 157

New Home for First Year Office

First Year Office settles into GB 170, a brand new hub for first year students

University closure

The university will be closed from Sat., Dec. 19 to Sun., Jan. 3 for the winter holidays. For ROSI hours of operation, check ROSI. Winter session classes begin Mon., Jan. 4

Course and Option Selection in 2010

In late Feb., if you plan to be a full-time student in third or fourth year (ECE students excepted) or participate in PEY in 2010-2011, you will be asked to participate in Course and Option Selection (COS) to inform the Faculty of your intention to participate in PEY, choose a program option if applicable, and choose technical electives. This pre-registration assists in scheduling courses that students want and need for the next academic year.


Money Matters


Reminder: OSAP Distribution & Pick-up  

OSAP pick-up will begin on Mon., Jan. 4, 2010 in the lobby of the Galbraith Building. Bring your SIN card and a valid government-issued photo ID. Representatives from the National Student Loan Service Centre will be available to process student loans. Bring a void cheque or your banking information if you would like to have your loan deposited directly into your bank account.
Loan documents will not be released without your valid government-issued photo ID and SIN card.

Service Charge on Tuition Balances

Outstanding balances on fees for this year are subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5% compounded (19.56% per annum) that is first assessed as of Nov. 15 and as of the 15 of every month thereafter until paid in full. This applies to outstanding charges on your account from prior sessions are subject to a service charge as of the 15 of every month until paid in full. Check your account on ROSI.


Student Life


The Next Chapter: Class of 1T0/0T9+PEY

Be a Permanent Class Leaders and/or Class Executive for the class of 1T0 or 0T9+PEY

2010 Governing Council Student Nominations

Contribute to university governance and gain valuable leadership experience. Run for U of T's Governing Council as a student member

Remember: We share the air

Did you know that your cologne, soap or hairspray could be triggering a serious health reaction in people around you? The chemicals in scented products are made up of chemicals that vapourize into the air, are easily inhaled and can cause reactions for people with asthma, allergies, migraines or chemical sensitivities. Please consider your classmates and choose scent-free alternatives instead.


In the News


Toronto Life magazine highlights U of T research

Faculty lays claim to four of 10 world-changing ideas. Congratulations to Professors Mohini Sain (ChemE), Ted Sargent (ECE), Tom Chau and PhD student Sheena Luu (IBBME), and Milica Radisic (IBBME, ChemE)

Expert panelists weigh in on climate change

CivE Professor Chris Kennedy and MASc student Robert Stupka among U of T speakers

Vote for CivE student and help a family

Vote for CivE PhD student Davis Doan online to compete for funding to build Habitat for Humanity home with fellow students

Student design team places third in 2009 ASME Student Design Competition

Student design team represented U of T and Canada with new rover i87 at international event


Your Faculty


Four Engineering faculty receive Ontario Professional Engineers Awards

Professors Greg Evans (ChemE), Nazir Kherani (ECE/MSE), Javad Mostaghimi (MIE) and Chul Park (MIE) awarded medals in Research and Development category at OSPE/PEO event Nov. 21, 2009


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