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Volume 2 // Issue 13 // March 11, 2009::::
In This Issue: Message from Dean, Cristina Amon // Encouraging Female Leadership //
ECE Grad Turned Astronaut
// Globalization Minor Working Group // Teaching Young Women About Engineering // Honours and Awards // Research // Events // In the News // Archives //
Message from Dean, Cristina Amon

Canadian National Women’s Week concluded Sunday, March 8 with the celebration of International Women’s Day. In recognition, we celebrate the achievements of our women students, graduates, faculty and academic leaders and their extraordinary contributions to our Faculty … (more)

Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Engineering

First Woman Dean of U of T Engineering Encourages Female Leadership
Mentorship is key to new opportunities for young women ... (more)

U of T Grad Excelled at Reaching New Heights
Elsie MacGill (ECE 2T7), first woman Electrical Engineer in Canada, first woman Aeronautical Engineer in North America, and the world’s first female aircraft designer ... (more)

ECE Grad Turned Astronaut
Astronaut Julie Payette prepares for her second mission to space ... (more)

Teaching Young Women About Engineering
An abundance of opportunities exist for females to get involved, on campus and off, including Girls Club, Skule™Sisters, WISE, Go ENG Girl ... (more)

Female Enrolment in Fields With Gender Imbalance
U of T Alumni Magazine explores female enrolment in traditionally male-dominated fields ... (more)

A Profile of MSE University Professor Emeritus
Ursula Franklin has received distinguished awards and authored two books ... (more)

WISE Glass Ceiling Award Reminder
Every year, U of T's Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) chapter celebrates women professors’ amazing accomplishments by the Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award. The award honours women professor who has made a continuing contribution to student education as an outstanding mentor, lecturer or leading researcher. Nominate an outstanding woman professor for this award by March 15: wise.club@utoronto.ca

Honours and Awards

MIE Professor Elected Fellow of the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo
Javad Mostaghimi
, MIE, Director of the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies, has been inducted as Fellow ... (more)

ECE Professor Awarded E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship
Brendan Frey one of six highly promising scientists and engineers awarded Steacie Fellowship ... (more)

CivE Professor Receives Civil Engineering Award for Innovation
Jeffrey Packer recognized in innovation in Cast Structural Connectors ... (more)

Call for Nominations
Nominate an outstanding staff member for the Agnes Kaneko Award: Deadline May 1 ... (more)

Celebrating Success 2009 Reception | April 22 | 4-7 p.m. | GB 202
Dean Cristina Amon invites all staff and faculty members to a reception to recognize and honour the outstanding achievements of our Faculty and celebrate another successful academic year. We will also honour Professor Javad Mostaghimi, who was recently named a University of Toronto Distinguished Professor. Please RSVP by Tuesday, April 14 to Carolyn Farrell or 416-978-8666.

March 13 Engineering Globalization Seminar Series:
Moving People and Freight Without Oil
March 14 March Break Applicant Event
March 18 - 21 Skule™ Nite
March 24 Smart Ways to Spend Infrastructure Dollars
March 26 EngSci Alumni Dinner
March 27 ChemE Alumni Dinner
March 27 MIE Alumni Dinner
  Engineering Events Calendar for more events
Working Group Appointment

Appointment of Globalization Minor Working Group
A Working Group will consider the introduction of a new minor program in Globalization ... (PDF)

In the News

Scientists Read Minds With Infrared Scan
Researchers at Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital developed a technique using infrared light brain imaging to decode preference - with the goal of ultimately opening the world of choice to children who can't speak or move. Sheena Luu, IBBME PhD student, led the study under the supervision of Tom Chau, Canada Research Chair in pediatric rehab engineering ... (Canadian Business Magazine) / (Examiner-Baltimore) / (The Hindu) / (Science Daily) /
(The Register) / (ITBusiness.ca) / (Finding Dulcinea) / (Canadian Healthcare Manager) / (PhysOrg.com)

Electric Rail Will Take us to the Future Faster Than Electric Cars
Everybody is talking about running high-speed trains between Quebec City and Windsor. But a system that connected Waterloo, Niagara, Toronto and Barrie would likely serve Ontario better, according to a group of experts at U of T. CivE Professor Christopher Kennedy is quoted ... (Report On Business)

Mining Sector Layoffs Create Labour Glut, Resembles 1990s
Mining Engineering students trying to enter the workforce for the first time are facing a rough ride that will not get easier any time soon. Will Bawden, Director of the Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program, discusses ... (National Post)

From Sci-fi to Nanorobots
Warren Chan, IBBME, is experimenting with particles known as quantum dots, with the goal of improving cancer diagnosis. Chan's lab is also researching how quantum dots might be used to deliver chemotherapy directly to cancer cells, without harming healthy cells along the way ... (Hamilton Spectator)

16:9 The Bigger Picture
Global - Dartmouth featured ECE Professor Steve Mann on his search through the internet looking for the right person to create his camera eye ... (Global - Dartmouth) (clip no longer available)

Newsletter Archives

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